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Why Invest in Real Estate

28 Feb 2013 Nowra 0 Comment

If you’re looking to grow your wealth, then property investment is considered one of the most stable ways of how to do it. While markets change and the prices of property rise and fall, the cycle always continues.

One of the key advantages of owning property investment, is that it’s generally less volatile than shares, and you can almost immediately begin to receive an income. Once tenants are selected and have moved into your investment, you’ll begin receiving regular payments of rent.

There are also several tax benefits available to property investors. While this should not be the reason you choose to invest, it’s important to know what benefits are available and how it can help you in the long term.

By using property as security to borrow money to purchase more properties, it enables you to leverage a great extent than if you were to use a share portfolio as security. One of the tax advantages regarding this is that you can claim a greater deduction on the interest charged on your loan.

In addition to this, you can claim depreciation of your property, and any legitimate expenses incurred from the running of your investment property.

If you’re seriously considering property investment as a way to go, then keep in mind the key is to buy when the market is down (a buyer’s market), and sell when the market is up (a seller’s market). Doing so will almost always guarantee a return on investment.

If you’d like more information on how to grow our start an investment portfolio, talk to us, Professionals Clyde Poulton Real Estate, to find out more about what options there are for investing in property. Alternatively you can download our “Pathway to Managing your Investment” booklet.



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