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Have you organised an annual termite inspection?

10 Oct 2013 Nowra 0 Comment

If you’ve ever experienced the nightmare of a termite infestation, then you’ll understand just how essential regular termite inspections are.

Termites love the humidity, and more often than not, homes become their favourite playground. Don’t be mistaken thinking your brick home is safe from an invasion. Termites have been known to attack brick just as easily as timber.

With spring now here, it’s only a matter of time before they get active, so it’s a great time to organise an inspection.

Termites can be tricky to find, because they often build walls around themselves, which can conceal their presence. Some things you can look out for are the munching sounds that can sometimes be heard when termites are active in your home. It’s also worth checking to see whether mud tubes are present against your property’s existing structure.

If you’re living in your own home, then it’s more likely you may notice significant changes as they arise. However, if your home is tenanted, then termite signs may easily be missed.

Typical termite damage can include:

An average treatment by a professional can cost around $1,500. While this in itself is a hefty price to pay, it pales in comparison to the debt you may find yourself in if required to rectify extensive termite damage. It can also prove very costly when trying to sell your home. Countless sales have fallen through when buyers receive building inspection results and some buyers have managed to negotiate thousands off the sale price – thousands that we’re sure you’d prefer to keep in your own pocket!

An annual termite check-up is like home insurance, an essential way to maintain your greatest investment. Is your home due for its annual termite inspection?

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