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Autumn gardening

15 Apr 2014 Nowra 0 Comment

Now that autumn is here it’s a great time to start sprucing up our homes and preparing our gardens for the months ahead. It’s important that we don’t neglect our gardens in autumn, as the right care during this time can keep them healthy and flourishing all through winter.

Autumn is a great time to plant new seeds and cuttings in your garden. Find flowers and plants that you like, and plant them away from strong winds and harsh sun. Don’t forget to water them regularly too. Rosemary and lavender grow well from cuttings, and you can pick up a broad range of seedlings suited to our temperate climate from the markets, such as Berry and Kiama. Autumn is also one of the best times of year for roses.

If there are any sick or struggling plants in your garden, remove them now as they are unlikely to survive through the cooler months.

With all this recent rain, our lawns should be growing quite well at the moment. Before winter comes around, give it an extra kick with a little dynamic lifter or compost. It’ll make it that much stronger leading into the winter months. If you have the time and money, you might even consider aerating it, which will allow more air and water down into the roots of the turf.

As the deciduous trees lose their leaves, rake them up and compost them. The Shoalhaven City Council are currently running their home sustainability courses, which includes a compost workshop. These are run throughout the year, and conveniently include a free compost bin for your use.

Give your garden a general tidy and pack away toys or equipment that you don’t think will get much use over the cooler months.

Plan now for spring. Autumn and winter are a great time to start thinking about how you want your garden to look when spring comes around again, and it is normally easier to get landscapers in over this time, as they aren’t so busy.

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