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Moving house in the rain

18 Aug 2014 Nowra 0 Comment

Moving house is always challenging, so the last thing you want is for the weather to turn bad. Whilst rain will make it more painful, with careful planning it doesn’t necessarily need to be the nightmare you’re no doubt envisioning.

As each room is emptied, use old towels and sheets to cover and protect carpeted floors. This will help absorb excess moisture from wet shoes, and reduce the chance of leaving muddy footprints. Ideally, if you have time, move everything out of carpeted rooms before the move even begins. This will ensure less water is tracked through your home.

Entryways at the front of your home can be become a slip hazard when wet, so place additional old towels, sheets or blankets here.

Most likely you’ll have used cardboard boxes to pack your belongings. These lose their structural integrity once wet, so when lifting and carrying them, ensure you handle them from the bottom. Alternatively, if you know in advance that the weather is likely to be poor, you may consider using alternatives such as plastic boxes.

If moving timber furniture, it’s important to ensure they’re suitably covered for the trip (especially if moving in an open trailer). A water-based paint or varnish may have been used on the furniture, and if sufficiently wet, it may become streaky and damaged.

The drive itself is also something to take into consideration if moving your own furniture. Take it slow, especially on turns and in areas with high traffic levels.

When you reach your destination, the same things should be taken into consideration. Whilst you may want to rush unpacking so as to get everything out of the rain, it is not recommended, as it may result in injury. Take it slow and steady.

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