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Did I mention a depreciation schedule??

11 Mar 2015 Nowra 0 Comment

One of the more effective tools available to a landlord is the depreciation schedule attached to your property.

And if you have ever listened to our property manager Amanda it’s almost a given that in any conversation she will mention both this tax tool and that of a scrapping schedule.

At it’s core a depreciation schedule allows you to claim the scheduled depreciation of the value of items in your investment property against your personal income tax liability. That is money back in your pocket, and it doesn’t stop there. If you are intending to take out and replace any equipment, carpet, blinds, stoves etc then there is an inherent value attached to these items which may be claimable as well. Now all this information is intended as general in its use ( our core business is real estate not accounting ) and you should talk to your accountant for more specific information but we figure this secret is too good to hang onto.

If you need a lead on a good depreciation expert we suggest google or you can contact us and we can give you some leads to follow.

Talk to The Professionals.

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