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Free Health Check for your Investment Property

30 Mar 2017 Nowra 0 Comment

Investment properties can and may be the cornerstone of your retirement income so when did you last look at whether it is earning you the maximum return? What do you need to invest to keep it returning to you? How does your Property Management Team stack up. While many investors spend a large amount of time and effort carefully researching the property markets and then finding the top investment, they ignore the role that a professional property manager can play in preserving their property’s capital value and maximising its income.

Here are some questions you should be asking your prospective Property Manager:

  1. Does the agency have a dedicated property management department ?
  2. Is a director/owner of the agency involved in the day to day management of the property management department?
  3. How many properties does the manager look after?
  4. Does they have a system for checking prospective tenants with regard to financial capacity, past rental history and their current employment?
  5. Will you go to court for me if need be and what is your success rate for previous appearances?
  6. How likely is it the same manager will be available in 6 months time?
  7. How often is your property inspected?
  8. How often are the rental rates reviewed?
  9. How quickly are issues with tenants dealt with?

Contact our office today to speak with Amanda Poulton, Property Manager and Co Owner of Professionals Nowra to discuss a health check of your investment property.

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