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Does a pool increase the value of a home?

18 May 2017 Nowra 0 Comment

Nationally 20,000 pools are built each year with the average cost of the project being $30,000.  There are many lifestyle benefits to a swimming pool but will it add monetary value to your property.

An in-ground concrete pool may be cost effective if you have a level block with good access for machinery. But if it’s a sloping site, or rocky, or it has difficult access or underground services that have to be relocated, the costs may outweigh the benefits.

When investing in a pool, you must be careful that it doesn’t dominate your outdoor space and leave you with little or no yard.   It is most likely to add value to your home if the pool is well landscaped and integrated into the design of the property.   Just like your home, the presentation and maintenance of your pool will go a long way to determining how much of an asset it is when it comes time to sell.

A neglected pool can be an eyesore and reduce the value of your home where as an aesthetically appealing one can be a statement piece that enhances the overall value of the home.  A pool should always complement the property rather than take attention away from it.

You must also ensure that it complies with all relevant standards and regulations that apply to installation, especially in the area of safety.  A non-compliant pool can result in the loss of a sale at selling time.

Also take into consideration the amount of use and enjoyment the pool will generate versus the money and time spent on maintenance and upkeep.  A pool can be a social hub for the kids and provide years of relaxation and exercise for the whole family.  However, a mismanaged pool can prove to be expensive and time consuming.

Another major factor to take into consideration before building a pool is whether the project will over capitalise the home.  So before making a decision, look at the local market and talk to a local real estate agent about how much a pool may (or may not) be worth when it comes time to sell.

Call the Professionals Clyde Poulton Real Estate on 4421 2644 if you would like one of our friendly sales team to conduct a free market appraisal of your home and assist you in determining how a pool might impact on the value of your home.

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